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Biodigester approval

Unfortunately on December 11, 2023 Alberta Environment and Protected Areas gave the Approval of the Rimrock Renewables LTD. biodigester project application under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. Please see the full document in the Files Section of this site.


With this approval we the client group of retained lawyer Gavin Fitch with McLennan Ross will be proceeding with the appeals process of that decision, we are given 30 days in which to have our appealing documentation submitted.


For those of you who have been following along both here and on our Facebook page I sincerely appreciate all your support in trying to get our concerns heard with all the agencies and people who had a say in this decision. It is very disheartening to realize that we were not heard, so now more than ever if you still feel as we do that we must take this fight to the next stages please consider making a donation to our legal fees fundraising through the GoFundMe or by other means.


If this approval decision is left unchallenged this will open up doors for projects like this to be put near other communities to negatively affect them, with water shortages becoming alarmingly more regular we can’t waste it on projects like this that have absolutely no positive value other than those taking advantage of the carbon credit scheme to make a quick dollar at the expense of the local residents health, attraction to live in nearby towns, wildlife, property values, scenery, congestion of local roads and the list goes on.

There are just no positives with putting a gas plant of any kind amongst family homes

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