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High River Online

Biodigester opponents looking for signatures in High River

The provincial government put the brakes on wind and solar renewable energy projects two weeks ago, and the biodigester opponents believe this project brings the same concerns.

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Western Wheel

Foothills residents want renewables pause to include biodigester

Southern Alberta residents concerned about a biodigester that would produce renewable energy want the project included in the Province's pause on renewable wind and solar projects.

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High River Online

Locals want wind and solar moratorium extended to biodigesters

The group opposing Rimrock Feeders' proposed biodigester is reacting to last week's shutdown of wind and solar projects.

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High River Online

MLA's visit to Rimrock a "slap in the face," say opponents

Opponents of a proposed biodigester west of High River aren't very happy with a couple of MLAs

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Calgary Herald

Something stinks in High River

So who decided that High River deserves to be the garbage capital of Western Canada?

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MPs pass first major update to Canada’s most important environmental law in more than two decades

Long-awaited amendments to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) passed a final vote in the House of Commons today. Passage of Bill S-5 marks a significant milestone towards better protecting people in Canada and the environment from pollution and toxic chemicals. We look forward to the new provisions entering into force and call for them to be implemented to the highest standards.

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Western Wheel - Letter to the Editor

Biodigester's impact too great for neighbours

Foothills County resident says leave our agricultural lands alone so we can all live happily ever after. 

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CTV News Calgary

TV Segment and Article about the planned Bio Digester

Proposed biodigester project near High River, Alta., has residents wanting it snuffed out

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Okotoks Online

High River Mayor disputes support for Rimrock Feeders biodigester

High River's mayor Craig Snodgrass wants to make something clear.

He has not provided Tidewater Resources with a letter of support for a biodigester at Rimrock Feeders.

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Okotoks Today

High River council digs into proposed biodigester

The Town of High River is working to find out more about a proposed biodigester planned next to Rimrock Feeders in Foothills County and is growing cautious about the implications if the project is approved.

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Media Coverage of the Foothills County Council public meeting on Wednesday January 25


High River Times

Public information session held for proposed Tidewater Renewable Biodigester Project

This was an information session only that was live streamed and they did not allow any verbal questioning or comments during the presentation. All questions had to be submitted a week before the meeting.

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High River Online

Foothills resident disappointed with County's biodigester Information meeting

Not everyone came away from last week's Foothills County biodigester meeting as positive as Reeve Delilah Miller.
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Proposed biodigester reveals intentions

The project planned next to an Alberta feedlot has sparked fears it will harm property values due to odour and traffic.

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Calgary Herald

'We're guinea pigs': Neighbours of proposed waste processor unswayed by company's assurances

Residents in High River are vowing to halt the project in court, citing concerns over groundwater, odours, air pollution and impacts on property values.

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CTV News

Protesters show up to public meeting for Rimrock Renewables's proposed Biodigester

A public meeting held Wednesday at the Foothills County council office was greeted by several dozen protesters in opposition of a proposed biodigester project and digestate pond on Rimrock Renewable’s land west of High River, Alta.

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