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Get Involved

The best way to get involved at this time, is to donate on our GoFundMe page. The money raised will go towards payment of the lawyer we retained.

The most effective way to add your support is to call the NRCB Hotline every time you are affected by the noxious odours in town, the number is 1-866-383-6722  See below for more information in the box below


Other ways to get involved are to sign up on our News page, so you can receive the latest news and developments right in your inbox. You can also join the Facebook Group to be part of the movement.

Get informed about what is planned and spread the word in the community, every voice matters.

The NRCB Confined Feeding Operations 24-Hour Complaint Hotline is 1-866-383-6722 or file an online complaint by clicking here

Or visit their website by clicking here

You can also contact Alberta Environment at 1-800-222-6574.

For non-emergency inquiries, their number is 1-877-944-0313

In addition to the GoFundMe we are receiving donations through e-transfer to

We appreciate any support provided for this cause.

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